Adopting a Westie from WWR!
Thank you for your interest in adopting a Westie through Wisconsin Westie Rescue. We provide this service to people living in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Eastern Minnesota. At any time you can download the adoption application here: WWR Adoption Application. Please note there is a $20 application fee (see more information below) required before we process your adoption application. Most dogs do not get listed on our web site or on Petfinder but are placed directly from our waiting list of families with applications filed with the adoption coordinator. Please direct any emails about adopting a Westie through WWR to WWR Web Masters and we'll respond to your inquiry.

The Westies and Westie mixes available through WWR come from a wide-range of backgrounds. Some dogs come to us owner surrenders due to life-changing events such as death, divorce or serious illness. Some dogs come to WWR as surrenders from puppy mills either as having been used as former breeding stock or as puppies the mill could not sell and therefore cast off. Some other common ways dogs come to WWR are as surrenders from animal shelters or control facilities, humane associations, or from other dog rescue groups.

Most dogs surrendered to WWR are adults, although we do see every age from puppies to geriatric senior dogs. Males tend to outnumber females surrendered to WWR although last year, not by a large margin. Being open to either gender as well as to an older dog will shorten the time an applicant waits to be matched to a dog. Many Westie mixes or 'designer dogs' are showing up in our ranks as well so please consider a Westie mix for your new family member. WWR also places dogs with special needs including health issues (White Shakers Syndrome, diabetic conditions, allergies, etc) senior dogs, and dogs who have emotional baggage from having spent their life living in a puppy mill. We do NOT place dogs with a prior history of biting humans. Please consider a special needs dog if your family situation allows for one. Special needs dogs do forge special bonds with their forever family, and the love you invest in the dog is returned back to you many times over!

Please note that we do not adopt to families with small children in the home (under the age of 8 years) without prior approval of WWR president Laura Stafford-Hager. For more information on why Westies and small children are not always a good match, please read the following article by Deb Duncan on Westies and Children.

WWR will never approve an adoption application where the dog is to be given as a gift even when it is between family members. The person applying to adopt the dog must also be the person who signs the adoption application, and in addition, all information provided to us on the adoption application must be applicable to the person applying to adopt the dog. Too often dogs are turned over to shelters or rescue groups because the person given the dog was not informed of the 'gift' ahead of time. Our goal is a forever home placement for our rescue westies and therefore gift adoptions are never allowed.

To adopt a Westie through WWR you will first need to fill out an adoption application and return it to us along with the $20 application fee. We will check your vet, groomer and personal references you provide to us in the application and then you will be placed on our waiting list to be contacted when a Westie comes in that matches what you are looking for. At that time we will schedule a home visit with you where one of our volunteers will come to your home and answer any questions you have prior to meeting the dog. Once this is completed, you will need to travel to meet the dog at the foster home. At the time of adoption you will sign a placement contract and pay the adoption fee. The $20 application fee is applied toward the placement (adoption) fee at the time the dog is adopted. Below is the adoption fee schedule for 2018-2019.

Westies and Westie Mixes puppy 8 weeks-1 year $350.00
Adult Westies and Westie Mixes ages 13 month- 3 years $300.00
Westies age 4-6 years $250.00
Westies age 7-9 years $200.00
Westies age 10-11 years $150.00
Senior but Spry Westies ages 12 and up $75.00
Bonded Pairs of Westies or Mixes adults through age 11 $200.00
Bonded Pairs of Westies and/or Mixes ages 12 and up $100.00.

If you wish to file an adoption application, please access the form WWR Adoption Application and send it to the address provided on the form along with the $20 application fee.